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People that inspire me to draw better :DD WHEE




I'm a normal human
I love to draw even though I lack of talent
I'm a fujoshi owo
I have a shota fetish (yes, I simply LOVE anime guys with childish faces and huge eyes :iconiloveitplz:
I write fanfic, though I suck at it

Lastly, I appreciate every fave, view and watch I get! Thank you in advance!

Favourite genre of music: J-pop
Favourite style of art: Manga art
Wallpaper of choice: my current waifu //shot
Personal Quote: Smile and walk on even if it hurts
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Hello, Worker - ShounenT
  • Reading: fanfics
  • Watching: Magi
  • Playing: Facebook
tagged by :iconmosacd:

1) You must post the rules.
2 )You must post 6 things about yourself.
3) You have to choose 11 people to tag
4) You actually have to tell the person you tagged them so that means go to there page and not be lazy.
5) No tag backs.
6) You cant write 'since you're reading this you are now tagged' or something like that.

1. I no life.
2. I liek BL.
3. I liek shotas and bishies.
4. I liek gentle semes //shot
5. I tend to wake up as a zombie every schooling morning and will refuse to completely wake up until there's an hour left till school ends.
6. I am a possessive bastard kbyeee

meh. I can't write 'since you're reading this you are now tagged' or something like that? FAINE. I TAG NO ONE. YOUARGUMENTISFUDGINGINVALID. //shot

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Thanks for the fav!
AzakiShimo May 20, 2013  Student Artist
Hello I was wondering if you could do a request if not I understand sorry to bother you~ :(
I don't mind doing a request if you don't mind being disappointed ;u;
AzakiShimo May 21, 2013  Student Artist
As long you tried..
then okay, i guess ouo. I'll take some time to finish it though ;u; cuz i procrastinate alot and yeahh

so what do you want me to draw? ouo
(1 Reply)
Qisloid May 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
malaysian,like kurobas and shota? XDDD let me hug youuu :hug:
btw thanks for favouriting^^
COME FRIEND LETS HUG :iconbrohugplz:


you're welcome :D
DoYouLikeKetchup Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks 4 the :iconfavplz:
here, have a hug! :iconaawplz:
no problem ;;u;;

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